The Solea® Dental Laser enables your dentist to provide gentle care with the ultimate precision. Representing one of the most advanced dental laser systems available today, the Solea Dental Laser operates without direct contact to the tooth or tissues, and does not create the uncomfortable heat, vibration, or pressure like other methods of care. Combining light energy with water and air, it safely and accurately cuts and shapes the targeted tissues in the mouth.

Whether it’s the removal of tooth decay or the treatment of gum disease, dental care can be provided more quickly and comfortably, reducing the need for injections and dental anesthesia. And, while pain-free dental work is just one of the many benefits offered by the Solea Dental Laser, it also minimizes bleeding and speeds the recovery and healing times following surgical procedures.

With to the Solea Dental Laser both children and adults can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free dental experience!

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